About Me

My name is Deniesha Joseph and I am the principle planner & designer of Fun Fete Fabulous Event Planning & Floral Design.  Please call me D!! All my friends do! I've been a planner & floral designer for over ten years.  I first got the event planning bug when I was in high school almost 20 years ago.  I was assigned the task of planning the Senior Prom.  Pretty big night and I loved every minute of it.  I didn't think at the time this was a career choice world changed when I finally found out I can do what I love to do most. I was obsessed with researching all about planning wedding and events. I went on to finish school and landed a corporate job but the desire to plan and design events never left me. I started planning for friends and family. Then it turned into friends of friends and after years behind a desk I decided to follow my heart. I taught myself somethings, learned from industry veterans, attended seminars and design classes and then when out on my own. Today, I stand before you armed with information, a network of industry professionals and a number of events planned and designed with the utmost care and creativity.



My Philosophy


My philosophy as an event planner & floral designer is simple:  You must have FUN throughout the planning process until the very end of your event.  I’ll handle the planning and fuss over details while you live your life.  On the day of the event I will manage all vendors, caterer to your friends and family and see to it you never have to worry about a thing but having FUN!  

FETE means elaborate festival, party or celebration.  That is what I am here to create for you. If you want to celebrate it, than we are going to celebrate in a big way.  No matter the occasion or the size of your guest list.  Your event will be a FETE to remember.   

It must be FABULOUS! You and your guests will leave the event feeling blissfully happy and the memories of the celebration should live on forever.  Every detail from the invitation, to the flowers to the lighting to the music will be carefully thought out to ensure your event is FABULOUS!  



FUN facts about me: 

  • I am a New Yorker to my heart, from Brooklyn to be exact by way of the Caribbean Islands.

  • I have 2 Beautiful kids with the love of my life. My kids are my biggest fans, they are so funny and they have the biggest personalities.

  • My favorite outfit is a good white shirt with jeans that hugs my curves just right, a blazer and some cool flats.

  • I am a music lover. I practically invented carpool Karaoke.

  • I can’t go without breakfast; it’s my favorite meal of the day. It’s always better when it’s accompanied by my girl squad and mimosas.

  • Sunday dinner with my family is a tradition. If I am not helping my clients with their event, you can find me at a kitchen table sharing a good laugh with my family.

  • This picture is old. Same face different hairstyle but I change my hair all the time anyway!


So now that you know a little about me  and what I bring to the table as your event planner and floral designer, why don’t you give me a call so we can talk about your special occasion? I’m happy to chat with you about special event, your vision and how I can help make that happen as your New York planner of all things FABULOUS.  

I offer a free consultation, so go ahead and give me call today at 718.938.4713 or email me at hello@funfetefabulous.com