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I’m Deniesha Joseph, I am the lead planner and floral designer here at Fun Fete Fabulous. I am known having a cool demeanor at all times and producing Fabulous floral designs for weddings and special occasions. But enough me……

What’s happening with you? How is wedding planning going so far? Many couples I work with know exactly what they want. They know which venue, they know which photographer, they know which video company and they know how to book them all their favorite vendors. They have done their research and they pretty much got with very little help from me. The one area they seek help with bringing their wedding day vision to life.

Every couple has a wedding day vision. They know what they want their wedding to look like, smell like, feel like but they are not 100% sure how to make that happen. That’s where I come in. Pinterest boards will only take you so far. You need a professional that can bring your ideas out of your head and make it a reality.

And one thing every couple forgets is who will be there to make sure everything runs according to plan? Will you be the handing over your planning cap so you can revel in the moment? Or will you be the go to person for all the your vendors when they have questions and concerns?

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Deniesha Joseph