The Dreaded Wedding Budget Conversation

My take on the wedding budget might be different from what you have heard or read in the past.  Here is my theory or my approach; This is what you want, This is how much it cost.  It’s that simple.  Many couples start their wedding planning and say I want this type of wedding and this is how much I want to pay.  Then they soon realize the wedding they have envisioned will not happen with the wedding budget they have set. There is not a planner/florist/photographer/venue/ makeup artist or any other wedding vendor who has not experienced this with their clients.  You just don’t know how much your wedding is going to cost you until you start planning.

So how do you set a wedding budget if you don’t know how much is going to cost? That’s like a chicken and egg riddle.  But here is what I suggest.

Have a consultation with a professional


You don’t have to book a wedding planner to be your wedding planner to get their advice but you should be prepared to pay them for an hourly consultation to help you get started on the right track.  Trust me whatever they are charging will save you months of heartache and stress down the line so just do it. Of course my advice to you is hire a planner but if you are on the fence, start with a wedding budget consultation. Also have this consultation before you book any vendors especially your wedding venue.

be realistic

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You may not know how much your dream wedding will cost you but you do know a wedding will cost more than 5k. Yes we have all heard the stories of people saving big for their wedding but these budget weddings are exception not the rule. So to give you an idea of what a realistic budget is, here is a common scenario. If you are getting married within the New York, New Jersey or Long Island area the average wedding venue starting price per person is $120 plus tax and gratuity. So if you are inviting 150 guests that will bring the cost of your wedding venue to about $25,000, (I rounded up). See how that works? Please notice I said STARTING PRICE. That means, this is the venues least expensive day to book them. This may be a weekday or early weekend wedding. The per person cost can go up to $250.00 depending on the wedding venue of choice.

Be a Smart Consumer

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Budgets suck! Yes not the mature thing to say but that’s my feeling every time I have to stick to a budget in my personal life. I want it all but the truth is I can’t afford it all. I’ve meet with couples with budgets of all different ranges, from 25k to 100k but 9 times out of 10, their dream wedding exceeded their budget. It’s normal. It happens all the time so don’t beat yourself or be disappointed. But do not just start booking vendors without thinking of your overall budget. If your budget is 50k, you can’t have a venue that is 40k and expect your dream wedding to happen withing the remaining 10k. Trust me, it won’t happen. Don’t put yourself in a position of being way over budget because you just couldn’t stop yourself. It’s all fun and games when you start but 4 weeks before your wedding, all your vendors will require their final balance and that is when it will hit you the hardest, if you are careful.

Now there are additional steps in between each step but this is the gist of it and it really is that simple. Say it with now; This is What You Want, This is How Much it Cost.   The goal is to set a realistic budget, get help from a professional to help you allocate your wedding budget and be a smart consumer. Stick to these 3 fundamental wedding budget tips and it will make the process so much easier. Trust me!

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