What is the Real Cost of Wedding Decor?

First let’s talk about what is included in the design of a wedding. The most common misconception is decor is just “pretty flowers” on a table! It is not! There are many details that go into designing a wedding, depending on your wedding vision.  Some weddings require just 3 vendors and some wedding require 8 or more wedding vendors to make your wedding vision come to life. The list below are all the design elements that make a complete wedding design. You can pick and choose which element  you want to add to your wedding design.

The Cost Of Wedding Day Decor.png

  • Linens (table linens, napkins, special tables)

  • Stationery (save the dates, invitations, programs, menus, signs)

  • Lighting (up lighting, pin spotting, monogram, room wrapping)

  • Rentals (chairs, tables, flatware, china, glasses, chargers)

  • Details (candles, table numbers, napkin rings, accessories, etc.)

  • Cake (yes cake! It must be cohesive along with the table, stand and additional design)

  • Specialty Items (Dance floor wrap, DJ Booth, Sweetheart table, ice sculptures)

  • Flowers (Ceremony, bouquets, centerpieces and specialty pieces)

Your basic wedding decor includes simple flowers, votive candles, linens provided by the venue and standard stationery for your invitations and menus.  You may add some of your DIY personal projects to ensure your wedding reflects your love story as well. For a wedding of 150 people, this may cost you around $5,000 to $7,000.

If you want a little more than basic, here is what you do. Your wedding day flowers are a little more elaborate with their design. You rent linens to match your wedding day colors, add customized menus, customized invitation, rent chargers to add to your tablescape, add up lighting with a dance floor monogram and one of my favorite ways to level up your wedding day decor with specialty chairs, specialty table and a beautiful backdrop for your sweetheart table.  For a wedding of 150 people, this may cost between $8,000 and $12,000.

Now if this is still not enough for you, we move on to complete wedding design customization. Everything on the list above is rented or created for your wedding. Your wedding day flowers are over the top with lush and beautiful blooms, your linens are detailed with texture and jewels, you rent custom tables and chairs, you rent some of your dinner ware essentials, your dance floor is wrapped, the lighting requires tech on board to change when needed and every details is branded from top to bottom.  A wedding of a 150 people, the starting price for a wedding with this much design will start at $15,000.00 and it can go up at high as your checkbook allows.

Cost of Wedding Ceremony Decor.png

This is not to scare you but to educate you on the cost of wedding decor and the different levels of wedding decor there is.  A good designer and/or planner will find the best of use of your budget. They will make the right suggestions to give you the best design your budget will allow.  

The point is for you to be informed and realistic about your budget.  You may wish to spend $4,000 for your wedding decor but you are really requesting the $15,000 wedding design. The point is to be realistic on what your budget will allow and know how much it will cost to make the wedding you want come to life

I’m also not suggesting you spend what you can’t afford either.   A wedding in each price range has the potential to be beautiful. Trust me, I’ve designed weddings in all budgets and they were all beautiful.  So don’t stress out thinking you can’t have a beautiful wedding. You might not get all you want but your wedding can still be FABULOUS!

So tell me which wedding are you planning? Small, medium or EXTRA!!!!

Have a Fabulous Day!

Deniesha Joseph

Owner and Voice behind the Blog!

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