Wedding Design Trends for 2019


Lush greens with minimal flowers are sure to continue to be on trend in 2019.  I absolutely love this trend. I like to call it “Glamorous Garden”. Greens will still add all the drama you need to your wedding reception

Tip: Lots of greens does not equal an inexpensive.  Do not be fooled that this will save you a ton of money. It may save you but don’t expect your wedding day flowers for next to nothing.

Oversize Bridal Bouquets

The bigger the better has been the trend for bridal  bouquets. The traditional nosegay or round shape has been getting competition for the large scale oblong or cascading bouquets. This trend also includes lots of greenery for the garden and gathered look.

Tip: When you meet with your wedding florist, show them a picture of your dress so they can design your bouquet to fit your wedding day look.

Video Mapping

Photo Courtesy of  CNBC

Photo Courtesy of CNBC

Technology has entered the world of weddings.  Take lighting to another level with video mapping.  What is video mapping you might ask. With the use of projectors, lighting engineers can transform a room with different scenes, pictures, patterns and colors.  So if you want the city skyline, they can do that.

Tip: If mapping the whole room is over budget, talk to your planner or lighting engineer about a focal point like behind your sweetheart table or on your dance floor.  

Custom Dance Floors

Photo Courtesy  Go To Shout

Photo Courtesy Go To Shout

Speaking of dance floors, the standard won’t due any more.  Your venue’s hardwood floors need a little something and that little something is called a dance floor wrap.  This is absolutely my favorite trend. You can make the dance floor fit perfectly with your wedding design. From patterns to bold colors, the possibilities are endless.

Tip: Find inspiration in your wedding invitations and wedding stationery.  Wedding branding is all about making your design cohesive.

Bold & Beautiful Colors

Real Fun Fete Fabulous Brooklyn Wedding

Real Fun Fete Fabulous Brooklyn Wedding

Bold and bright colors have returned to wedding day design.  Blush, gold and rose gold had a good run and it will always be fan favorite. However I predict in 2019 you will see a lot of brides wanting bright and bold colors.  Pantone’s ultra violet probably had hand in that as it was the color of the year for 2018. Purple will reign supreme along with cooper, greens, orange and fuchsia.  And my own personal favorite teal!

Tip: Color is all about how you use it. Your flowers can be on color while your linens are another.  Use your color palette throughout your wedding design

Which wedding design trends will you be adding to your wedding? Share in the comments below.  Not sure how to pull a trend off? Send me an email and we can talk it out.