Wedding Trends for 2019

Wedding Videos - It’s A Movie

Photo Courtesy of Yamean Studios

Photo Courtesy of Yamean Studios

The quality of wedding videos has evolved into mini cinema oscar worthy films.  Wedding Cinematographers have stepped their game up all the way over the last couple of years.  Trust me it was not great 10 years ago and the great ones were far in few. Capturing those special moments throughout your wedding day and editing in ways that truly show the emotions of the day is something any couple will be happy they invested in for their wedding.  There is nothing like reliving the moment of your wedding day.

Tip: Budget 5k to 8k  for a professional and well edited wedding video. 

Groom’s Style - So Dapper

Today’s modern day groom have not come to play! Grooms are wearing color, patterns, well tailored suits with sophisticated accessories and killer shoes.  The options for today’s groom and their groomsmen have come along way from men’s warehouse, no shade to warehouse. Many grooms are having custom made tux and even hiring stylist to help them pull their look together.  I’m so loving this trend!!

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

unplug wedding ceremony sign.jpg

Politely asking your guests to refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony is not just a trend but a necessity.  Today your wedding could be all over social media before you make your way back down the aisle. But that’s not the biggest issues.  Your cousin/uncle/sister/friend steps in the aisle so they can capture the perfect shot of you coming down the aisle with their cell phone.  Let’s not forget your family or friend with their expensive cameras that are playing wedding photographer right next to your photographer. Meanwhile they are in your well paid and highly recommended wedding  photographer’s perfect shot and if you are having video, they are in that shot too. It is a wedding photographer’s pet peeve, trust me.

Tip: Before ceremony begins, ask your wedding planner or officiant to make a polite and sweet request to refrain from taking pictures.  Signs used to be the way to go but this really brings the point home.

Destination Weddings

Photo Credit -  Munaluchi Bridal

Photo Credit - Munaluchi Bridal

Destinations weddings has always been  on trend but couples are going beyond tropical destinations and choosing exotic and picturesque locations.  The biggest benefit of a destination wedding is the experience. Imagine getting married on Lake Como or Santorini Greece or some place that you never even heard of before.  Taking in the culture, the food all while you marry your best friend. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect wedding? Or even getting married on top of The Grand Canyon sounds adventurous! Your wedding pictures will be amazing!

Tip: Hire a planner.  This could be a planner located in the destination of choice or  a planner located in your city.

The Royal Wedding Influence

Photo Credit -  Yahoo Life Style

Photo Credit - Yahoo Life Style

Unless you were on Mars,  you have seen the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.  The world was glued to the the tele. That’s British for television (haha) sorry I couldn’t help myself.  The world watched as one of the most anticipated weddings of the year took place. A wedding of this magnitude is bound to create buzz in the wedding industry.  As over the top and expensive as the royal wedding was, the overall style of the wedding was simple, elegant, understated and sentimental. From Megan’s simple dress and bouquet, to all the lush greens with Princess’s Diana’s favorite flower and who could forget the choir. The Kingdom Choir sang the classic “Stand by Me” and  touched all of hearts like we were hearing it for the first time.

Tip: Simple doesn’t mean cheap.  They are not synonyms. Going simple will not always save you money, it’s really just your choice of style. Simple with your personal and meaningful touches will make your wedding unique.

Bonus! The “No Trend” Trend - Do You

Every client I ever helped plan their wedding day, I alway stress to them it’s your wedding so do it your your way.  Do whatever your heart desires on your wedding day. Couples are embracing making their weddings personal and adding their personalities to their wedding as much as they can.  From their wardrobe choices to unique venues, there are many ways to let your personality shine through on your wedding day. Serve your favorite type of food, play your favorite artist and of course chose your favorite color.  Make your wedding all about you even if that means stepping out the box to do so.

What trends will be at your wedding? Share in the comments below.  Not sure how to pull a trend off? Send me an email and we can talk it out.