5 Tips to Having The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Wedding

Next year Valentine’s Day will be on a FRIDAY.  This means this will be one of the most popular dates to get married in 2020.  I love a Valentine’s Day wedding. What better day to get married than the day of  LOVE. If you are planning a V-Day Wedding here are 5 tips to pull off the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Wedding.


Send save the dates - Since Valentine’s Day is on a Friday, save the dates are recommended.  Always send save the dates when your wedding is on a weekday by the way.  Play up the Valentine’s Day theme with your save the dates. Even if you send it in July.  People make plans for Valentine’s day so give them a heads up that you are doing the most romantic thing you could possibly do on Valentine’s Day.

Save the dates by Papered Wonders, Inc.  Photo by: inijephoto

Save the dates by Papered Wonders, Inc.

Photo by: inijephoto


Go full blown Valentine’s Day - Red is the universal color for Valentine’s day. Why fight it. It’s Valentine’s Day.  You can go with Red and Pink, Red and Gold, Red and Black or Red and Red. Whichever combination you choose, make Red your color of choice.  Let’s go with the obvious for your wedding. There is nothing wrong with that choice. You can still find ways to make sure your wedding is designed is unique and custom but don’t fight the color of love.

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board.JPG


Alternatives To Red - Okay fine, you don’t really like red. Keep it sexy and go classic! Black & White with metallic accents, mirrors and candles. Nothing says sexy and classic like black and white with loads of candles. The point is to set the mood. Love. Romance. Sexy.

Black and White Wedding Inspiration Board.JPG


Make it a Destination Wedding - This is a good time for a destination wedding.  It’s a holiday weekend and who doesn’t love a romantic getaway.  Just remember the romance part. I would recommend it be adults only if possible (sorry kids), romantic dinners and couples activities. I would even go as far as keeping it to 50 guests or less.  Host your guests at the most romantic resort in the most romantic location. Love will be in the air for sure.


Put it in a Love Song -  Make sure your DJ or Band has a playlist of the best love songs ever made.  Luther, Anita Baker, Prince, New Edition, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Jodeci and the list goes one.  All the classics are must. That old school baby making music. When a friend has a baby in November tell them to name the baby after you.  Your wedding did that lol! But seriously nothing sets the tone like music. To really get your guests involved, ask them their favorite love song when they RSVP and have your DJ play it during the reception.  You can also create this playlist and share it with your guests via soundcloud. This is the modern day version of giving your guests CDs.

These tips are sure to make your Valentine’s Wedding memorable. It’s the day of love and what better way to spend the day then getting married to the one you love.

And just a bonus tip: I’m all about the pretty but I’m just as passionate about planning and logistics.  You have to secure your venue and vendors as soon as you can. As I stated, Valentine’s Day 2020 will be one of the most popular days to get married.  I’m sure some venues and vendors are receiving inquiries and some are probably booked. So don’t miss out on your dream venue or vendor team. Get planning!! Are you ready to design your Valentine’s day Wedding? Are you ready to start planning? Well let’ s going! Click the link to start planning your Ultimate Valentine’s Day Wedding!!

Have A Fabulous Day

Deniesha Joseph

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