Five Reasons Why Low Centerpieces are Perfect for Your Wedding

Low in height doesn’t mean your centerpiece will not be a lush or gorgeous.  It’s just a matter of size. A low centerpiece will still add all the beauty your wedding needs. And for some weddings, a low centerpiece design works better.

Here are 5 reasons why a Low Centerpiece

Maybe Perfect for Your Wedding!

  1. If you are having an intimate wedding of 75 guests or less, consider a low and lush design so you don’t overcrowd the venue with flowers.

  2. Mixing your highs and lows is always highly recommended to give your room some dimension.  

  3. Guests love taking home centerpieces  and a low and lush centerpieces are much easier to take home

  4. Low and lush centerpieces are cost effective. Not cheap, just less than the high centerpiece version.

  5. Small venues with lower ceilings. If your venue doesn’t have 10 feet and higher ceilings, than a low and lush centerpieces will work just fine in that room.    

And that is why you should consider low centerpieces for your wedding. If you can relate to any of the reasons I gave you above then you should strongly consider this option for your wedding day flowers. Still need convincing? Take a look at one of my favorite floral designs of all low and lush centerpieces!! And this wedding was featured in the 3rd Edition of BCollective Magazine so you know it was Fabulous!

WilsonWedding_Highlights_288 (1).JPG
WilsonWedding_Highlights_268 (1).JPG
WilsonWedding_Highlights_265 (1).JPG

Are you convinced yet? Let me help you bring your wedding vision to life with a custom low and lush design for your wedding. Just click the link and let’s get started!!

Have a Fabulous Day!

Deniesha Joseph

Fun Fete Fabulous 

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