How to Throw a Carnival Theme Wedding!

Having a carnival theme wedding (or event) is more than just feather centerpieces and bright colors.  You want to recreate the same energy and feeling as if your guests actually attend carnival . You have to bring in all the familiar elements that make carnival, carnival!!  If you are a carnival junkie like me, bringing that feeling to your wedding sounds like the perfect wedding reception. Here is how you do it!


Music is the key element to any event but a carnival wedding requires a DJ that really knows the music of your culture.  Trinidad is the land of soca so a DJ that knows Soca (not just palance) is essential. Your DJ must know how to keep the crowd in the carnival spirit.  You can step it up a notch and hire a rhythm section (percussion) to accompany the DJ while they play those carnival hits. Your wedding will sure be a hit with your guests.


Carnival is all about the costumes and fun.  Having some ladies dressed in colorful costumes to get the crowd going will certainly get your guests in the carnival mood.  Add in a couple of mocha jumbie dancers and really get the party going. You can bring the carnival feeling as soon as your guests arrive by having them greeted with cocktails from your entertainment.



if you ever been to Trinidad for carnival, you know some of the best moments are after the fete aka party.  The after party food to be exact. There is nothing like a midnight snack after you have been dancing the night away.  Doubles, bake and shark, corn soup, jerk chicken! Serve your guests their after fete favorites.


Drinks - No good story has ever started with “I was having a salad”.  All good times start with we were having cocktails. Signature drinks are always a fan favorite at weddings.  Give your signature drink a carnival name or taste of carnival. I am a rum punch girl myself.

Wedding Signature Cocktail.PNG

The Culture

Carnival is all about the culture.  Infusing the traditions of your culture on your wedding is key. Don’t shy away from your traditions and you can always put a spin on it to make it your tradition.  Black cake, money dance, attire, food, wave your flag! Whatever it is embrace it, make it your own and go with it.

Carnival is different in every country so be sure to include the carnival spirit of your country. Even if your country of origin doesn’t have a carnival per se, there is always some time of festival or celebration that brings people together that you can infuse into your wedding. So wave your flags and proudly have the best carnival theme wedding your guests have ever been too. Remember it’s not just feathers, it’s the vibe!!

Have a Fabulous Day!

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