Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much

Wedding florist are not greedy sales people just waiting to jack up the price because  you said you need flowers for a wedding. The truth is, weddings are a different animal.  So yes it is true, the price increases when there is a wedding involved because weddings need more love and attention.  

So when you asked why do wedding flowers cost so much, the answer is, you are not just paying for flowers, you are paying for time, labor and the artist behind creating your wedding flower arrangements.  

Let me breakdown a typical wedding here at Fun Fete Fabulous:

Wedding Florist Behind The Scenes.png

Step One - Proposal  - time to price your wedding vision and concept. I do custom not cookie cutter!

Step Two - Design Meeting - a face to face meeting to chat and talk about your wedding details.

Step Three -Design Process - contact wholesalers to place orders for flowers and materials

Step Four - Mock-up meeting - final details and centerpiece mock up for final approval

Wedding Week

  • Day One - Hardware prep

  • Day Two - Flower pick up & processing

  • Day Three -  More processing and floral prep work

  • Day Four - Design day and packing

  • Wedding Day  - Delivery/Setup/Breakdown

I’m giving you the “bullet points” but as you can see a wedding can take up to four days to produce. Also keep in mind, that days are long. The average wedding day is 12 hours or more. Pre-wedding work days can also be 8++ hours a day.  Most weddings need about 3 to 4 people for pre-wedding preparation and another 3-5 people on wedding day. So if we do the math:

5 Days x 5 People Per Day x 8 Hours per day = 200 hours to produce one wedding

The average work week is 40 hours per week, so for one wedding, your wedding florist has enough man power to provide 5 weeks of work in just one week!! Does that help you understand the labor cost?

Labor is for the execution of your wedding day flowers. Before we get to execution, there is the creative process. My process involves me reviewing your wedding details, your personality, your style, your likes and dislikes and all the things we discussed during our consultation and design meetings and then coming up with a design that will fit your wedding. Even the simplest bride requires some time for the design process. And truth be told, I’ve never met a bride that said I’m “simple” and that’s what it really turned out to be. There is no such thing as a simple bride. It’s an oxymoron.

Sorry I’m ranting but you see where I am going with this? Flowers do not arrive ready to be designed. They come dirty boxes with leaves and thrones and all closed up. Not pretty at all. But after the tender, love and care of your wedding florist, a rose will transform into something beautiful for your wedding day flowers.

Garden Style Wedding, The Addison, Boca Raton, South Florida Wedding Florist.jpg

I hope I was able to help you gain some clarification on what goes into your wedding day flowers. I’m sure all my wedding florists friends are saying a Amen right now after reading this. We just want you to understand all the love, care and work we put into our craft.

And believe me when I tell you, any wedding florist you meet, loves their job! It’s not glamorous and it’s not easy so if they are doing it, they love it! But as much as we love what we do, it cost to do it.

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