5 Biggest Wedding Design Mistakes To Avoid

Too Many Ideas

There is soooo much inspiration out there. Between Pinterest and Instagram and  all the wedding blogs and magazines; You love everything. This is normal however you have to pick a lane and then stay in your lane.  Too many ideas will make your wedding design look down right tacky. You don’t want that. So stay focused. It really only takes about 10 pictures to capture your wedding vision. Sometimes, the one right picture will do the trick. You want capture the overall feeling and design you want for your wedding. All the details you want will be created when you share your inspiration with your wedding design vendors. They can best direct you on what will work best for your wedding day vision.

Following The Trends

I’m all for the trends. I pay attention to the trend list however, every trend is not for your wedding.  Don’t try to be on trend, set your own trend. Also remember, when something is trendy, that means it's trending aka all the brides want that same trend.  You don’t want a wedding everyone else is having. You want a wedding that is unique and creative and authentic to who you are.

Skimping on Lighting

Lighting matters! That’s really all I want to say but I will explain.  In the age of the selfie, we’ve all heard the phrase “catching the good light”. This is true for  your wedding. Lighting sets the mood and transforms a room. This is not area you want to skimp on.  Luckily many venues include up lighting or mood lighting. Some charge an extra fee. Or you can hire a lighting and production company.  Trust me you don’t want to skimp here.

Not Having Wedding Day Stationery

Wedding Stationery is the easiest way to brand your wedding and add special details.  Wedding day stationery includes, programs, menus, escort cards, seating cards and special signs.  Many people see stationery as just paper. Shut Your Mouth! Wedding Stationery is all about details, branding and informational.  I always suggest customized menus and escort cards for every wedding at the very least. These details add that special wow factor that will make your wedding design unique and personal to your wedding.

Choosing The Wrong Venue

If you’re an HGTV junkie like me, you’ve seen the house hunters that want ready to move in houses or a house that requires very little renovations. Think of your wedding venue along the same lines. You want to pick a wedding venue that will require the least amount of changes to fit your wedding day vision. Your wedding venue decision should be made with design in mind or you will spend extra money trying to make it work. Instead of forcing your wedding venue to match, just start off with a wedding venue that fits your wedding design and vision.

Designing your dream wedding is the fun part of wedding planning but it can become a wedding planning nightmare if you are not careful. Don’t let the excitement cloud your brain and your judgement. Take a beat, hire a professional and make the best decision for your wedding vision. Mistakes will cost you time, money and stress. No one wants that while planning their wedding. You want the process to be Fun! Yes, there will be stress but let’s not add to it by making mistakes you can avoid. Do you need some help bringing your wedding day vision to life? Schedule your free consultation today and let’s chat all about it! Just click on the link!

Have a Fabulous Day!

Deniesha Joseph
Fun Fete Fabulous

Event Planning & Floral Designs