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Why You Shouldn't Overlook Your Escort Card Table

I love all things wedding flowers but a drop dead gorgeous escort card display is one of my favorite parts of a wedding to design.  It always stings a little bit when a bride decides to scale back on the their escort card display or thinks of it as an afterthought.  You may think no one is really paying attention but I assure you that is not 100% correct.

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5 Biggest Wedding Design Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding excitement can be a dangerous state of mind.  The wedding excitement takes over the brain and causes many couples to make mistakes while planning their wedding.  Costly mistakes! You can’t help yourself. You’re engaged and you are ready to plan your dream wedding. But you can’t let engagement fever cloud your judgment and cause you to make cost wedding planning mistakes. Especially when it comes to designing your dream wedding. Mistakes a costly and if you want to avoid them keep reading.

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