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South Florida Brunch Wedding at The Addison

Back in March I had the pleasure to be the floral designer for the wedding of Kiesha and Donnie in sunny South Florida. Their intimate brunch wedding was a glamorous garden, designed in shades of muted pinks, mauve and deep purples. I love this design so so much. Here a couple of pictures from there Beautiful Brunch Wedding!

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Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much

I have yet to meet a couple that didn’t ask me “ Why do flowers cost so much”. Many couples are floored when they receive quotes from a wedding florist because they didn’t expect it to be that much. We get it. You never planned a wedding before so how would you know. There is a big misconception that once you say you are having a wedding, vendors jack up their price but I’m here to clear that up for you and explain why wedding flowers cost what they cost.

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Why You Shouldn't Overlook Your Escort Card Table

I love all things wedding flowers but a drop dead gorgeous escort card display is one of my favorite parts of a wedding to design.  It always stings a little bit when a bride decides to scale back on the their escort card display or thinks of it as an afterthought.  You may think no one is really paying attention but I assure you that is not 100% correct.

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