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5 Biggest Wedding Design Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding excitement can be a dangerous state of mind.  The wedding excitement takes over the brain and causes many couples to make mistakes while planning their wedding.  Costly mistakes! You can’t help yourself. You’re engaged and you are ready to plan your dream wedding. But you can’t let engagement fever cloud your judgment and cause you to make cost wedding planning mistakes. Especially when it comes to designing your dream wedding. Mistakes a costly and if you want to avoid them keep reading.

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The No.1 Tip To Control Your Wedding Budget

I’m going to round the month of December off with wedding budget tips. I know I said I hate talking about money but I want to make sure you have sound advice as you set your wedding budget.

The number one way to control your budget is to control your guest list!

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The Dreaded Wedding Budget Conversation

I hate talking about money.  I don’t like it doing it in my personal life, in business or with my clients.  But we are grown ups and we have to adult right? So Let’s Do This! The dreaded wedding budget conversation.  

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