The Only Pro and Con That Matters for A Destination Wedding


It’s an experience!! A destination wedding is a wedding wrapped in a vacation and who doesn’t love a vacation!! Not only is it a vacation, it’s time with your family and friends to bond and spend time together. How often do you get to have all the people you love in one place for a couple of days? Not often I’m sure. Every day you can host an event, do a group activity or even something as simple as sharing a meal together.  The experience is the biggest Pro to having a destination wedding. If you want your wedding to be an experience, than maybe it’s for you.


Some people may not make it to your wedding.  Even if you give them enough notice to plan accordingly, things happen that might make it difficult for some people to travel.  Work, finances, life changes anything can happen and you might be faced with that. Majority of your invited guests will gladly attend but if there is a family member like an elder that just can’t travel or someone you love that for whatever reason may have to miss it, you have to be okay with knowing that everyone will not be there.  If you can’t see your day without a special someone, than maybe a destination wedding isn’t for you.

I only list these two factors because these are the most important.  Whatever you want for your wedding, you can make it happen pretty much anywhere. Some destinations might be easier than others to make things happen but it can happen.  The thing that makes any wedding special is the love of your family and friends. The memories you create at your wedding will live with you and your guests forever.

So if you are a couple that loves to celebrate with your family and friends, than these are the only two things you need to consider.  If you want to make it happen, it will happen but plan accordingly to ensure the experience you want to create will be everything you want it to be.  See my previous post on that subject.