How to Use Pinterest to Help Design Your Wedding

What I have discovered through my years of designing weddings is many brides over use Pinterest  to find inspiration for their wedding style. Before you know it, you saved feathers, candles, pearls, a beach wedding and destination weddings in Italy for your own wedding. Before you get sucked in because I’m guilty as charged, here are some key pointers on the best way to use Pinterest to help you find inspiration.

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1- Start with your colors not an adjective - Pinterest is a search engine.  If you put in “romantic wedding” in the search field, there will be so many different pictures and options and probably none of them will be exactly the same.  Try your wedding colors for inspiration. This will give you color combinations and style ideas that will fit the look you are envisioning for your wedding.

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2 - Look for key designs - Every pin is beautiful on Pinterest but not every pin fits your wedding style.  Only pin the pictures that fit for your wedding. Yes beach wedding at sunset are beautiful but are you having a beach wedding or are getting married at a banquet hall?  Don’t get sucked in. You can be very specific with Pinterest.

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3 - Less is More - it truly takes about 20-25 pins to define your wedding style.  How you ask? Wedding dress aside, you have your centerpiece, bouquets, ceremony, invitations and cake.  If you chose 2-3 for each category, your hired professionals will get the idea just from your wedding pins and a consultation.   

Social media is an endless supply of inspiration but at some point you have to stop yourself. Once you have defined your wedding style and you presented it to your wedding planner, designer or florist, just stop! They get the vision and they will bring it to life better than you ever imagined.  Also remember, Pinterest should be used for inspiration, not aspirations. You don’t want your wedding to a carbon copy of something you saw on Pinterest. Your wedding should be just as unique as you are.

Be sure to follow the Fun Fete Fabulous Pinterest page.  I pin a lot so I might help give you some inspiration. Or let’s pin together! Invite me to your wedding planning board.  I know you have one lol!

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