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The Only Pro and Con That Matters for A Destination Wedding

While I was in Cancun, Mexico for my most recent wedding, I received a lot of questions about planning a destination wedding so I thought I’d keep the party going and answer some more questions here on the blog.

One of the biggest questions was what are the pros and cons of having a destination wedding for the people who were considering having one for their wedding. I’m going to give One of the Biggest Pros and One of the Biggest Cons.  The other stuff doesn’t really matter in my opinion. You can get decor, and vendors and everything you need for your wedding.  These two pointers are deal breakers for most people. If these two things matter to you, then it will help you make your decision.

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Planning a Destination Wedding for 75 Guests Or More

Last week I was in Cancun helping a lovely couple tie the Knot at the HardRock hotel.  This lovely couple hosted a destination wedding for 105 of their friends and family with a 16 member wedding party.  When people think of a destination wedding, they don’t think of hosting this many guests but I’m here to tell you long are the days of intimate destination weddings.  More and more couples are having larger guests list and trust me when I tell you it’s fabulous! But there is some extra work that goes into a destination wedding of this size.  Here are some tips on how you can have a Destination Wedding with a larger guests list.

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