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Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much

I have yet to meet a couple that didn’t ask me “ Why do flowers cost so much”. Many couples are floored when they receive quotes from a wedding florist because they didn’t expect it to be that much. We get it. You never planned a wedding before so how would you know. There is a big misconception that once you say you are having a wedding, vendors jack up their price but I’m here to clear that up for you and explain why wedding flowers cost what they cost.

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The Most Popular Pinterest Photo Broken Down

The rose stem runner design is one of the most popular designs of 2018.  The sleek, modern and luxurious design has gone viral from many different floral designers. They have all executed this design in different styles and colors but each one was beautiful in it’s own way.  

What I want to talk about today is this design created by the floral genius, Rachel A Clingen based in Toronto, CA.

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