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The Best Tips for EPIC Wedding Photos

One thing I’ve learned through the years, the most important thing to a couple after the wedding are wedding photos.  And because your wedding photos are so very important to you, I feel like it’s my job to ensure all your moments (well most) have something beautiful for you to remember.  I’m not giving wedding photography pointers. This is all about your wedding decor. I’ll explain. 

Whenever I am designing a wedding, I’m not just making it pretty, I want to make it functional as well.  The wedding decor that you are probably obsessing over and spending a pretty penny on should be placed strategically for the best photo opportunities.  I always look for the focal points and where photographers will take the most pictures of you. 

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Why You Shouldn't Overlook Your Escort Card Table

I love all things wedding flowers but a drop dead gorgeous escort card display is one of my favorite parts of a wedding to design.  It always stings a little bit when a bride decides to scale back on the their escort card display or thinks of it as an afterthought.  You may think no one is really paying attention but I assure you that is not 100% correct.

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What is the Real Cost of Wedding Decor?

I did say I hate talking about money but now that I’ve started, let’s continue shall we?  Today I want to discuss wedding day decor and what it cost. For many couples, this is high on their wedding planning list. I’ve never met a couple that didn’t want their wedding to be beautiful in their eyes. But what I’ve also learned over the years, the cost of wedding day decor is always a sticker shock moment no matter the size of the wedding budget.

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