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Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much

I have yet to meet a couple that didn’t ask me “ Why do flowers cost so much”. Many couples are floored when they receive quotes from a wedding florist because they didn’t expect it to be that much. We get it. You never planned a wedding before so how would you know. There is a big misconception that once you say you are having a wedding, vendors jack up their price but I’m here to clear that up for you and explain why wedding flowers cost what they cost.

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Five Reasons Why Low Centerpieces are Perfect for Your Wedding

I often receive inspiration photos or links to pinterest boards filled will over the top, lush and gorgeous centerpieces. Sometimes I receive pictures of my own work with these centerpieces.  I love over top floral design. I really do. It’s one of my favorites. But I also love low and lush centerpieces just as much!! After this blog post, you will fall in love as too!!

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What is the Real Cost of Wedding Decor?

I did say I hate talking about money but now that I’ve started, let’s continue shall we?  Today I want to discuss wedding day decor and what it cost. For many couples, this is high on their wedding planning list. I’ve never met a couple that didn’t want their wedding to be beautiful in their eyes. But what I’ve also learned over the years, the cost of wedding day decor is always a sticker shock moment no matter the size of the wedding budget.

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