How Much Will Pay for Your Wedding Day Slay?!

Brides - all related because that was their wedding planning experience.  Although they want to cut cost they were also willing to spend all their coins  for their wedding day slay! Gotta have the hair, the shoes and of course the wedding dress!

Planners - all related because they’ve heard it all before.  Brides tell them they have a tight wedding budget or they want to cut cost and then in the same breath tell them they dropped $8,000++ on a dress and they are about to spend $1,500.00 on their wedding shoes.  

This conversation always tickles.  The things you brides want to cut cost on except your wedding day slay is hilarious!!

“Does everyone need an invitation?”

“Can I have a single rose for my bridesmaids’ bouquets?

“Would a cash bar be tacky?

“Do I need 10 hours of photography?

Brides - these tricks do not help your wedding budget by a significant number.  What is does is downgrade the quality of your wedding. Put yourself in your wedding guests shoes for a second; how would you feel if your sister/friend/family member sent you an email to their wedding or better yet, just called you and asked you to come to their wedding? Would you be happy if you went to a wedding and paid for your drinks? And if you booked your wedding photographer for 6 hours instead of 10; what if they have to leave before you cut your cake or you miss the chance for your family portraits?  And do you really like a single rose bouquet? I know you don’t! Don’t even answer that question.

You don’t want to compromise the quality of your wedding for your wedding day slay.  You think you do but you will really regret it at some point because the truth is you want it all!! You want your Wedding Day Slay and you want your wedding to SLAY! If you have to sacrifice the quality of your wedding, you will not be happy about that and then you will do one of  two things: Spend more money than you intended or give up something you really wanted for you wedding.

Here is the thing about weddings, you have OPTIONS! Plenty of options.  There are beautiful wedding dresses in all price ranges. Maybe a 10k custom gown is out of reach but the 5k gown is just as beautiful at half the price.  And you can have all the other things you wanted for your wedding like an open bar and photographer that stays until you cut your cake.

When I first meet with couples that hire me for planning I give the same spiel:

“I will never tell you how much to spend on your wedding day attire. It’s your day and you should the very best for your wedding.  However don’t spend more than 15% of your overall budget on your wedding day attire for both parties. So if you have a $60,000 budget, than your wedding day attire shouldn’t be more than $7,500.00”.

Why 15%? Because over the years I’ve notice this pattern with my clients.  If they spend within this range, they are usually okay with the rest of their wedding budget.  When they go over the suggested amount, my job turns into trying to help brides save money to make up the cost they have spent.  And I can never make up that cost without making tough decisions. I can help but you will give up something and that’s not fun.

So brides, how much are you willing to pay for your wedding day SLAY?!

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Have a Fabulous Day,

Deniesha Joseph

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