Why You Shouldn't Overlook Your Escort Card Table

No one pays attention to just cards laying on a table.  They’ve seen that before. They’ve seen it at every other wedding they have been too.  That’s why they just find their name and go to their table. You want to wow your guests with an escort display they have never seen before.  Something that will literally make them stop and look and take photos at the display before finding their escort card.

There are so many creative ways to design your escort card display.  You can do a statement floral piece, with escort cards, you can use your wedding favors or you can do no cards and have a custom chart designed by a wedding stationery designer.  There are so many ways to create a show-stopping escort card display other than cards on a table.

Whatever design you choose, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Photo Courtesy of Sinclair and Moore

Photo Courtesy of Sinclair and Moore

1 - Your escort display should be pretty but logistical as well. Don’t at any cost list your names by table numbers. Always list in alphabetical order by last name.

2 - If you are using cards, make sure your cards are beautifully designed by your wedding stationery designer.  It should coordinate with your wedding stationery suite.

3 - If you go the unconventional route, with an elaborate display just make sure the design works for your guests count.  You want to ensure 200+ guests are not having a hard time locating their names because your display requires extra work.

Photo Courtesy of InStyle Wedding Magazine

Photo Courtesy of InStyle Wedding Magazine

One more tip to keep in mind, your wedding escort card table can also double as your favors table. When all the cards are gone, you can add your favors and Voila! Double use. I’m all about the double use of decor!!

Moral of the story is, every detail of your wedding is important, so keep that same energy when you start when it comes to your escort card display.  They all matter so don’t neglect your escort card table…… or any other design detail for your wedding.

Is there a part of your wedding that you could careless about? Drop a comment below and share!

Have a Fabulous Day!

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