Are you a floral designer or a wedding planner? 

I am both.  I started in the industry over 10 years ago as a wedding planner & designer but I've always loved floral design.  I would provide this service from time to time but I decided I wanted to do it all the time because I love it so much.  Many classes and seminars later, I provide my clients with floral design and wedding planning service.  I also wanted Fun Fete Fabulous to be a full service event planning company because it better serviced my clients. 


Do you have wedding day flower packages? 

The designs I create are customized just for your wedding.  I don't believe in one size fits all so I do not offer wedding day floral packages.  I take the time to speak with each client and bring out their vision. Then I create a design based on your personality and style.  Your wedding day flowers should be a reflection of your wedding day vision, not one made for dozens of other weddings.  


I already have a wedding planner but I would like to hire you for my floral designs, is that a conflict of interest for you?  

Absolutely not! I love working with other planners.  Just like me, they have your best interest in mind.  The collaboration usually makes for a better event.  When you have two creative minds working together magic truly happens.  I know my role as your floral designer and I respect your planner as they are the conductor of this well put together orchestra.   


Do you offer Day of Coordination only? 

I do not offer Day of Coordination services but I’m always happy to make a referral.  Day of Coordination didn’t fit the needs for my clients. I've never actually been hired to do day of coordination only so I stopped offering it. To better service you, I find my Event Design, Wedding Management and Day of Coordination services provides you with the level of assistance you will need to plan and design your wedding day.  This allows us time together to plan every detail and execute seamlessly on the day of the event. 


How much is this going to cost me?  

Each wedding is different and has special needs.  Fees are determined based on many factors like venue, location, guest count, complexity of the event and your overall budget.  Each event is unique therefore so is pricing.  A customized proposal will be created for your wedding or event based on all these factors after we have a free consultation. To give you a general idea because that’s what you are looking for;  

  • Wedding Planning services start at $3,000.00 
  • Life Celebration Planning services start at $2,500.00 
  • Design only services start at $3,300.00
  • Floral design only is based on your needs.  Typically, 10 to 20 percent of your overall budget goes towards floral design.  


Why Should I choose Fun Fete Fabulous for my wedding? 

I take the time to get to know each client I work with before we sign a contract because I believe there should be chemistry between us.  We should like each other.  That chemistry is what gives me the energy I need to plan and design events that reflect your style, your personality, your passions and who you are.  Our chemistry is why you chose me.  After you met me and you feel comfortable with me, then you decide if you should hire me.   My passion and love of events is why I do what I do.  My passion is the reason why I go that extra mile.  It's the reason why I will go above and beyond for to make sure your event is everything you wished for and more.   If you chose me to help you plan your wedding or special occasion, I am fully vested in your happiness.  I am just as excited as you are if not more! I want to see you happy on your wedding day.  


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