Deniesha is extremely professional and level headed. In situations where brides might panic and feel the weight of the worlds on their shoulders she has the ability to simultaneously smooth things over while taking care of business. She kept me on schedule, within my budget and focused on the important things about this very special time in my life; having a wonderful time while showing the world how much I love my husband. I would recommend her to all bride-to-be’s! :) 


Mereesa B. 


I contacted Deniesha from the very start of the planning process. She was there every step of the way. She helped make the planning process as easy as possible and it was so much fun! She helped me pick all my wonderful vendors, the venue and all the décor for the day. It was a beautiful day. There was no detail she didn’t cover. I couldn’t have done it without her help. Deniesha I can’t thank you enough for your help. You over delivered on your promise and I will never forget my wedding day as long as I live” 


Allison B. 


Deniesha was warm, welcoming, professional and understanding from the very beginning. She was open to work with us in our unique situation of having a wedding in New York while living in Tennessee. I called her worried that I couldn’t pull it all off but by the time my day rolled around, everything went off flawlessly! It was an amazing experience and I have her to thank for it. My groom, our parents and I were all able to sit back and enjoy our day thanks to her willingness to take the reins and handle the entire behind the scenes things throughout the planning process and on the day. We had 15 people in our wedding party (not including us) and 9 of them were females. Needless to say with that many women trying to get glammed up for wedding, things are going to come up. Thankfully, every hiccup was handled with care and professionalism and went virtually unnoticed by me or my husband. During the planning process, it was clear that she had experience and knew what she was doing. Deniesha made sure that every base was covered when dealing with the vendors and took care of things that we just would have never thought of because it was our first time planning a wedding. Also, she was more than willing to do things for us that we just either didn’t have the time to do or were just unable to do because we were in TN. Every meeting, task or project that we entrusted her with, she came through for us. I am certain that it was because of her thoroughness and preparation that wedding day turned out so well. I would HIGHLY recommend Deniesha to anyone looking for someone to plan their wedding. After having a wedding, I realize that having a planner for AT LEAST the day of the wedding is a MUST if you want to enjoy the day fully. And if you’re interested, Deniesha is the Event Planner for you!” 


Kimberley T. 


In the two years leading up to our wedding, we were extremely happy with D.’s professionalism, courtesy, and responsiveness. Future brides – you will find that your network of friends will contribute substantially to the vision of your wedding. However, your wedding planner should “get it” better than any of your friends. D. “got it.” At times we were at odds with the vision and certain details (very normal), but there is no arguing that when it all materialized, we knew D. “got it.” D. certainly has a lot of connections, knew how to work her way around the city and various vendors. D. certainly keeps the bride’s sanity and comfort at the top of her priority. This is a major plus since wedding planning can easily lapse into madness! D. was fantastic to work with, laid back but down to business, detail-oriented, kept things moving along at a comfortable pace, and was considerate to help keep us as close to our budget as possible without making any sacrifices”. 


Shirley C. 


Having Deniesha around organizing the day of the wedding was truly a blessing. Even though we already had a great banquet manager and maitre’d assigned to us at the wedding venue, having a wedding planner the day of the wedding was fantastic and is highly recommended. Prior to the wedding, I gave Deniesha a list of very specific instructions with pictures of how I wanted things set up. I think she really understood the vision that I had and helped me execute the vision without my having to get stressed out or be super involved the day of the wedding. As a bride, I really appreciated the opportunity to let someone else be in charge so I could enjoy my special day. If I didn’t have Deniesha that day, I probably would have been a ball of stress! I planned as much as I could before the wedding and then let Deniesha run with it the day of the wedding.  Having a wedding planner was especially helpful because we weren’t 100% sure of the rain situation on our wedding day. We had originally envisioned an outdoor ceremony, but one hour before the wedding we had to have everything set up indoors. Deniesha worked together with our florist to ensure that the ceremony room, reception room, centerpieces, unity candle, card table, guestbook, table map, sweetheart table, photos, cardbox, programs, and table number frames were set up appropriately. She was the point person between the vendors and the wedding venue. She and the maitre’d kept the wedding running on schedule. She was very cool, calm, and collected. Deniesha was great at locating lost objects (bridesmaid fan) and people (friends and family members who got lost when we needed them for photos). After the wedding she even dropped off columns at our florist’s place so we didn’t have to worry about them post-wedding. Deniesha’s/Wedded Lux’ services are highly recommended. Thank you for being a part of our wonderful day.” 


Sarah C. 


It was sooooooo great working with you. You helped to make the planning process so easy. As a bride, I really didn't feel any stress when it came to the planning process.  You and your team were amazing on our wedding day.  We didn’t worry about anything and we really were able to be present on our wedding day.  I actually felt more like a guest; well a VIP guest but you know what I mean, LOL.  I got to enjoy it all.  Even our bridal party was impressed with how helpful you were with transporting their things from the hotel to the venue and making sure they were comfortable as well.  Thank you so much for everything.  We can’t think you enough!  


Gillian J.